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 Post subject: 1.15 B update
PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:09 pm 
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Fixed a few minor bugs in this patch, including some issues surrounding the Ascension quests. The AI will no longer win the game out of no where, and you won't get swarmed by Exterminators if you make a new game.

Furthermore, I added an option to "Force Full Simulation", which will turn off combat approximation for unviewed combats. So if you have a beefy computer and want to absolutely force the computer to crunch all the numbers, it's there for you in the options screen now.

I have also tweaked some AI planet governor code to address an issue where the AI would sometimes get a weak economy by turn 1000. It looks better now. Let me know your results.

I fixed an issue where fast-moving projectiles would sometimes phase through all or part of a ship. It was an edge-case scenario for this to happen, but when you have thousands of rounds popping off in a battle, you're bound to see it a few times and notice it. You should not see any weapons passing through shields or outer hulls at this point.

Also fixed an issue with Draylok music not playing. This will only affect new games, as there was a flag set mistakenly in the Draylok racial definition file that will carry on through existing saved games.

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