Done with stardrive 2?

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Done with stardrive 2?

Post by ORIONOX » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:39 am

No hate and no pressure, but are you done with stardrive 2? Because last I heard you were working on something for it that seems to have never showed up. I'm asking because I genuinely enjoy the game and would love to see it get some improvements like "black box" for SD1. If you are done with the game though it would be nice to have some official statementent instead of the people on steam just calling it abandoned.

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Re: Done with stardrive 2?

Post by Zero » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:21 pm

I have been so focused on some other stuff that I haven't worked on StarDrive 2 in a while. I need to upgrade it some to work with the latest Unity versions, but I haven't given up on StarDrive in general and we may see a patch.

As for new DLCs and things like that, probably we won't see that. StarDrive 2 began development in 2013 / early 14, and my skill with Unity back then versus where my skill is now - well it's two different worlds. That means my code and some of the large-scale design decisions made four years ago are basically haunting me now.

The future of StarDrive, should we return to it, will be a brand-new real-time game made with all of the previous lessons learned.

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Re: Done with stardrive 2?

Post by ORIONOX » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:05 am

So a potential SD3 would be a return to SD1 gameplay? That would be cool, I still think a few patches into SD2 to "finalize" it would be amazing and would build a lot of good will.

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Re: Done with stardrive 2?

Post by AdamD » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:13 am

I loved SD2 because I think it had a much better, slicker interface, plus it looked a lot more modern than SD1

But, I also missed the bigger battles and real-time aspect of SD1

Plus SD1 seemed a lot easier to mod and a lot of SD2's functions seemed to be "hard coded", such as shield regen etc.

Gah and, no customizable starbases! That drove me nuts about SD2 lol

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Re: Done with stardrive 2?

Post by cryptc » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:14 am

I unfortunately missed the livestream, but I watched the vod now

Let me start by saying I'm a huge 4X fan back to MoO 1 and 2, and also Space Empires 4 and 5, GalCiv, etc. I felt StarDrive 1 had some amazing things when it came to designing ships and combat, but I found the realtime behaviour distracting. StarDrive 2 really perfected it for me, and became the closest thing I've played to MoO2 in many years.

SD2 always felt a bit unpolished (but super impressive considering you're making it by yourself), and even in that state I found it super enjoyable. Ship design and the beautiful combats especially. Most the DLC's have been nice upgrades too (although the Shipyard dlc I felt mostly just diluted the racial differences, which made it less interesting to me). I even found the old ground combat was okay, especially for the unique missions (many of which seem to be gone, like the 'Alien' style mission that always used to pop up early before)

Specific improvements I feel StarDrive 2 could use:

- Ability to select groups of ships and command them together. In combat you often have like 6 ships with long range weapons and you want to adjust the range they fire at, and to do that you currently need to adjust each ship individually. Same if you have many ships that have fighter bays to launch (including how to actually select the fighters after that is clunky).

- An ability to test your ship design while in campaign mode. Often I design a ship and I'm unsure if I've properly designed it in terms of power regeneration for beam weapons, etc, and I need to try it against a few enemy ships. To do this I need to save, leave the game, start the scenario editor, and try a combat manually there. Ideally you'd be able to test ships against known enemy ships that you've discovered before too.

- Make it more clear what weapons are affected by what improvements. There's a lot of terms like "beam weapon" "energy cannons" "artillery cannons" "projectile cannons" and the weapons themselves don't always make it immediately clear what category they are in, so when I get tech that gives bonus damage to one weapon type I'm struggling to know which weapons get that bonus (especially before I even research them). Just something like a descriptor tag on each weapon would help a lot.

Bugs in StarDrive 2:

- Astrometrics Lab has a mention of "+30 Sensor range" that I believe does absolutely nothing after Sector Zero dlc. I think other components still have this modifier too.

- If you're defending a colony, and you're losing, so you try to save your remaining ships and retreat, they retreat back to the colony they were already defending, immediately starting another combat same turn. Meaning that they have to fight until one side is dead, which is also exploitable with long range weapons shooting enemies a few times before retreating and shooting again. Usually though it just means that you can't save your ships.

Future improvements (or StarDrive 3?):

- I think the most important thing you should consider for a new StarDrive game is making it much more moddable. Looking at the Space Empire games they are super moddable, and the community is still doing updates and balance changes many years after the games came out. It also means there's a lot less pressure on you to make everything the game needs. Random events for instance are really cool in StarDrive 2, but after playing a couple of games you realize it's the same ones you see every time. If fans could add another 100 events, it would make the game a lot more different each play-through, without you needing to spend that much time on content that only a few would see. It also means that fans will make their own balance mods, meaning less pressure for you to get everything just right.

- You mention voice acting in the vod; I don't really care about that at all, and the downside is that it means that adding new content is harder since it stands out against the content that has voice acting. Not a bad thing, but not really that interesting either imho.

- Discussions about designing Starbases... please don't bring back SD1 Starbases, those were super painful to design, with circular shape and square tiles. With any sort of ocd to try make designs somewhat symmetric or otherwise make aesthetic sense is super hard with these shapes.


All in all, I think you should do what you think is right, since you've shown that your vision for StarDrive is very good, so don't over-think too much trying to listening to every suggestion people make. Make the game you would play, and I'm sure I'll be there asking you to take my money :D

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Re: Done with stardrive 2?

Post by AdamD » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:31 pm

Designing starbases in SD1 wasn't too bad, yes it was tedious, but that's where UI improvements could come in

If there was a button next to the different armour options to "fill empty spaces with armour", that would be awesome.

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